25 January, 2011

such a big girl now

today my precious baby lara-grace started prep.

she was just so excited and for the last 2 weeks has literally been bursting out of her skin to get to school. thankfully her little best friend from daycare who she's spent the last 5 years with was also going to the same school and they put them in the same class.

i thought i would be really sad (complete with tears flowing!) to see her grow up but the excitement just gushed out of her and it was impossible not to share her excitement and joy. it would have been a completely different storey if she was upset and clingy.

so this got me thinking... this really does bring about a whole other level of the responsibility of parenting. today is the first day of her 13 years of schooling life. this is where we have to really start being responsible and accountable parents. i'm not saying we haven't been responsible parents to date but that responsibility just lies with us, but now we have a teacher to work with too. that's really full on.

enough of the heavy stuff!

here are some pictures of her first day at school, enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Well done Lara Grace! I love the photos - she looks so grown up.
    Good luck with the next stage in your beautiful daughters life.
    From Leah Merrick