30 May, 2011

week 33

here we are again, week 33 and getting closer....

getting very over being pregnant and wanting this to be over. insomnia is plaguing me big time now and whilst i have no issues falling asleep at 9pm it's the 2-3am wake up that's the problem... sometimes i stay in bed and drift back off but most of the time i get up make a nice hot cuppa and watch some tv and/or work.

at times i go back to bed at about 5am to grab another hour of sleep but most of the time that is when my day starts.

until next week..

25 May, 2011

week 32

week 32 and just 6ish weeks to go.....

although at times i feel this pregnancy is dragging a bit, i feel like i've just turned around & only have such a small amount of time left.

this leaves me with those all too familiar feelings of worry and just a bit anxious of how i really will cope with 4 small children. i seem to have these feelings towards the end of pregnancy and so far i have done ok will all the other kids but you just never know...

23 May, 2011

it's all in a name

at 20 weeks when we found out we were having a girl i had a bit of a name dilemma. i had a name all picked out for a boy, but nothing for a girl.

a name then came to me which i really loved. i actually have a few lists of names i like which i have compiled and added to over the years which to my surprise this name was actually on.

husband likes the name and we agreed our little girl will be called this, but.....

whilst i do really love the name i am worried it is just too popular right now. i don't want to choose a name that i feel there will be several of when my child goes to school. i do have another name that i really like, however husband doesn't like it and almost before it was out of my mouth he said a very big 'NO'.

so what do i do?

we have never had this issue before as i have picked all the kids names and husband has liked them and agreed.

do i just wait until i give birth and see what name she 'looks' like? or do i try and deal with it now?

have you ever had this happen, what did you do?

22 May, 2011

long overdue update

well i've been seriously neglecting my blog for a long time now. i did have very good intentions of blogging my way through this entire pregnancy with weekly updates but clearly this just hasn't happened.

i'm now here at week 32 and i feel like it's kind of just passed me by. but at the very same time i feel like i have a lifetime of being pregnant still to go.

i am going ok although my back is starting to fail me with sciatica which will get increasingly worse over the remaining weeks.

i change my mind daily with my birth choice of vbac or repeat c/section but i 'think' i've come up with a plan, well for now anyway.....

i will have my dr check me at 37 weeks and if my cervix is looking favourable and showing signs of softening and/or dialation then i will use all of my strength to wait for 5-7 days to see if he can break my waters at 38 weeks. if my cervix is closed, high and showing absolutely no signs of progress then i will opt for the c/section some time between 37 & 38 weeks.

here are some progress pics..