22 May, 2011

long overdue update

well i've been seriously neglecting my blog for a long time now. i did have very good intentions of blogging my way through this entire pregnancy with weekly updates but clearly this just hasn't happened.

i'm now here at week 32 and i feel like it's kind of just passed me by. but at the very same time i feel like i have a lifetime of being pregnant still to go.

i am going ok although my back is starting to fail me with sciatica which will get increasingly worse over the remaining weeks.

i change my mind daily with my birth choice of vbac or repeat c/section but i 'think' i've come up with a plan, well for now anyway.....

i will have my dr check me at 37 weeks and if my cervix is looking favourable and showing signs of softening and/or dialation then i will use all of my strength to wait for 5-7 days to see if he can break my waters at 38 weeks. if my cervix is closed, high and showing absolutely no signs of progress then i will opt for the c/section some time between 37 & 38 weeks.

here are some progress pics..

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