23 May, 2011

it's all in a name

at 20 weeks when we found out we were having a girl i had a bit of a name dilemma. i had a name all picked out for a boy, but nothing for a girl.

a name then came to me which i really loved. i actually have a few lists of names i like which i have compiled and added to over the years which to my surprise this name was actually on.

husband likes the name and we agreed our little girl will be called this, but.....

whilst i do really love the name i am worried it is just too popular right now. i don't want to choose a name that i feel there will be several of when my child goes to school. i do have another name that i really like, however husband doesn't like it and almost before it was out of my mouth he said a very big 'NO'.

so what do i do?

we have never had this issue before as i have picked all the kids names and husband has liked them and agreed.

do i just wait until i give birth and see what name she 'looks' like? or do i try and deal with it now?

have you ever had this happen, what did you do?

1 comment:

  1. Go with what your heart says... if you have always loved the name than stick with it. I understand where you are coming from - EVERY name I suggest hubby shoots down (including my much loved grandma who died last Octobers name) It is upsetting & disapointing & we are still working through it here.

    Good Luck