30 November, 2010


so yesterday i had some bleeding and i was worried. this pregnancy was a surprise and at somewhat of a little 'difficult' time. it took me a week or 2 to adjust to the thought of being pregnant yet again but it seems once i get there, i'm there.

i can't help but feel attached to this little being inside my belly. i want to feel you grow, feel your movements, see you born and welcome you with wide open arms into our family.

i just know your 2 sisters and brother love you to pieces already and they just can't wait to meet you. lara even said a prayer for you last night asking god to please not let you come out before you are ready - oh so cute.

so this is where we are right now..

28 November, 2010

happy belated birthday

dear baby edi,

well it's been a year since you entered into our family, and the time has just flown by.

a very happy {belated} 1st birthday for you on the 21st november.

you are such a joy and you are learning new things every day. you are currently mastering the art of walking although not without injury. you are learning well however and i just know it won't be long before you are running around.

you are very much loved and we are blessed to have you in our lives.

all our love
mummy, daddy, lara-grace, lachie and jelly bean

23 November, 2010

the results are in...

i realise i have appeared to be a bit quiet lately, i can assure you this has not been the case in my life...

it seems someone in the universe had plans for me..

as you can see here this is a pregnancy test and it is clearly telling me life is going to get to that next level of crazy.

i feel so many emotions at the moment:
1. scared
2. sad
3. excited
4. happy
5. worried

and just kinda generally freaked out!

i feel scared about spreading myself across 4 children and that being too thin.

i feel sad for my very best friend who has been trying to get pregnant for nearly 3 years now and i am having my 2nd pregnancy since she has been trying.

i feel excited at the thought of adding to my family.

i feel happy, as anyone who knows me, knows how much i LOVE new babies.

and i feel worried about just generally not coping.