30 November, 2010


so yesterday i had some bleeding and i was worried. this pregnancy was a surprise and at somewhat of a little 'difficult' time. it took me a week or 2 to adjust to the thought of being pregnant yet again but it seems once i get there, i'm there.

i can't help but feel attached to this little being inside my belly. i want to feel you grow, feel your movements, see you born and welcome you with wide open arms into our family.

i just know your 2 sisters and brother love you to pieces already and they just can't wait to meet you. lara even said a prayer for you last night asking god to please not let you come out before you are ready - oh so cute.

so this is where we are right now..


  1. praying for no problems for you!!


  2. sending sticky vibes to your little blessing to stay put..

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. x

  3. Congrats and I pray all goes well, 'm currently 6 months and i sure pray like Lara that baby doesn't come before his time also :)

  4. Hi Nicole,
    Just caught your comment on my blog post, you now have a new follower.
    Congratulations on #4 babe, here is to hoping he or she is a sticky baby hehe.
    All the best,
    Holly x