23 November, 2010

the results are in...

i realise i have appeared to be a bit quiet lately, i can assure you this has not been the case in my life...

it seems someone in the universe had plans for me..

as you can see here this is a pregnancy test and it is clearly telling me life is going to get to that next level of crazy.

i feel so many emotions at the moment:
1. scared
2. sad
3. excited
4. happy
5. worried

and just kinda generally freaked out!

i feel scared about spreading myself across 4 children and that being too thin.

i feel sad for my very best friend who has been trying to get pregnant for nearly 3 years now and i am having my 2nd pregnancy since she has been trying.

i feel excited at the thought of adding to my family.

i feel happy, as anyone who knows me, knows how much i LOVE new babies.

and i feel worried about just generally not coping.


  1. Trust me you will be fine with 4 kiddies! It's great having 4 littlies. Mine are now 7, 5, 3, and 20 months. I wouldn't change it for the workd either. and our #4 was a surprise too, someone had other plans for us too! Congrats hun!