17 July, 2011


my little baby is 2 weeks old now and i can honestly say the time is just flying by, way too quickly.

i'm feeling good, my recovery is going well, much better than last time which is what everyone said. it is still harder than a natural birth recovery and it's hard not being able to do everything but i'm getting there.

i love all my children equally, however, this time i feel far more.. patient or something.... content maybe.

i love and appreciate this little baby more than anything and i am relishing every second she is this little as i know i won't have this ever again. the other kids are doing great and just love their new sister so much.

i'm 2 weeks old...

05 July, 2011

mila rose

welcome to the world mila rose.

you joined our family at 4.45pm on friday 1st july 2011.

we love you, you complete me and my child bearing, you complete us as a family.

tomorrow we will leave hospital and begin our life at home with dadda, your sisters and brother. your big sister loves you soo much as does your big brother, your little big sister is still adjusting to you but we just know she too will love you more than anything.

my love always

01 July, 2011

1st july 2011

today is the day, today is your day, the day you will be born.

i'm feeling quite scared about the surgery but i am so excited to finally meet you. to touch you, to see what you look like, to see how big (or little) you are. to name you, your name, your special name.

here is the last picture of you in my belly, the next picture will just be you, wrapped up in a nice warm lanky or 'snug as a bug in a rug' as we like to say.

you have been a bit quiet this morning, i wonder if you know what's about to happen. i am enjoying feeling you move for the last time, the last time for you but the last time ever for me too.

i love you more than words can say.