05 December, 2010

freaking out

so i'm freaking out.

in my hormonal, emotional pregnant state i feel like i've got so many people around me saying 'geez 4 kids, you're mad' and 'how are you going to cope?' and 'why would you do this to yourself 'darling'?'

now don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but really, does this help?

i've heard it that much lately i am starting to completely doubt myself, and i hate that.

i have so few people telling me 'oh that's great, how exciting!' and so many of the other i'm seriously starting to get a bit down.

i had a discussion with my very best friend about it and like she says 'what exactly is not coping anyway?' so sometimes things get tough, you have a little cry then you get on with it. is that 'not coping', having a little meltdown from time to time?

do i have any preconceived ideas about this being easy? no, i definitely do not. i already have 3 children under 4 so i know it's going to be tough.

i'm just trying to stay positive, look at this as a complete blessing, know that really i am very lucky and keep the sunshine. and at the end of the day i truly believe things happen for a reason.


  1. 4 is a beautiful number! I have a 4 yo, 2 yo twins and a newborn and to me it is perfect! a trip to the shops is full of stares and comments but I'm proud of them and that is all that matters! you will be fine and love it!

  2. Its a pity that people have to be so judgemental! Is life not hard enough without having to deal with other peoples preconceived ideas. What I have found interesting is that others think it is ok to voice these opinions with no thought on the effect it has on others.

    As long as the children are fit and well and you/your partner are happy this is all that matters.

    Try to stay upbeat - your kids are beautiful and you are doing an excellent job.


  3. I desperately want four kids! I look at women like you, and I am filled with inspiration.. Where will those horrible judgmental people be at Christmas time is 20 years? Not sitting at your full, happy table will they? xo <3

  4. Oh Nicky i think I might have been one of those who said Oh my goodness you are mad but it is not judging you, it is looking at you in complete awe and respect, I struggle so much with my two sometimes, or certainly did in the early days, I just have no idea how people with large families do it. You have my full admiration and I am sorry if you think I judged you.x