22 January, 2011

please help lori

as i sit here on this rainy, miserable saturday with my totally imperfect life, i think of a woman who i only learnt of recently.

her name is lori and she has a blog Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum. recently lori lost her husband to suicide. now i do not know lori, nor do i know anyone who knows lori personally but i cannot stop thinking about her. i came across lori through this wonderful community of people that is the internet of blogging etc.

i think of her day and night and what it must be like to just one day have your husband gone, never to be seen again. she has small children who have just lost their daddy. i weep every time i think about that prospect.

so suddenly my life seems pretty perfect.

i feel i have to do something to try and help. a few of lori's friends have put together a 'collection' as such to at least help with the financial burden she is now facing. you can find how to donate here at Where's My Glow.

last week lori buried her husband - can you imagine that? i know i can't.

thinking of you lori.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Nicky - I thought I commented when you first posted but I guess not.