15 January, 2011

breast v's bottle feeding

i've decided to write about this 'controversial' topic that seriously just bugs the hell out of me!

i am so sick to death of these discussions going around and people feeling like they have a right to force their views onto other people and make mothers feel guilty or somehow inadequate for their situation or choice. i mean seriously what gives people the right to think that's ok?

a lady said to me recently that she was very pro-breastfeeding before she had her baby but a short sharp reality check soon followed. she got ill, had no milk and had a reflux baby and now maintains a new mantra of 'fed is best'. i told her at the time i would definitely be using that one.

fed is best people!

fed - is - best.

if you breast feed, great!

if you bottle feed, great!

personally i've chosen to bottle feed my children.

after my horrible experience with my first child and just not getting any milk i decided i wasn't going to put myself through that hell again so all 3 have had bottles as will my 4th child.

for me personally, i actually find it easier and it's my choice.

i wish these fruitless, anger provoking debates would just stop and everyone would just accept each other's choices.


  1. I have the same issues with birth. With my two boys they were both emergency c/s after 36 and 18 hours labour and I still hate how people go "Oh I had a drug free birth" like they are some champion or "Why would you have a c/s". These people have done less labour in 3 births than I have in one and none of their babies had to go onto oxygen with breathing problems. I have booked in for an elective c/s which I hate, but I think it is best for bub and I this time around.

  2. You could not have said it any better.
    I tried to breastfeed my 1st child but 2 weeks later and endless problems, a constantly crying baby and a sense of total depression, i gave up and bottle fed as I have with my 2nd child.
    I am now pregnant and plan to bottle feed.

    I think it is more important to have a happy loved and cared for baby above anything else!


  3. Very well said. What a wise woman you are!!!

  4. I've got no idea what I'll do until the baby's born... I'd like to breastfeed, but what if I can't? What's more upsetting is that there's someone out there who will judge me, no matter what decision I make. Sad.

  5. Fed is best is a good motto.

    I wrote about the birth dilemma recently because as one of those who did have a drug free birth. I wanted people to know that I don't think I'm a champion, I don't think I'm better than someone who had an emergency or elective C-section, but I'm still allowed to be proud of my drug free birth.

    Not everyone who says "I went drug free" or "I'm breastfeeding" is immediately attacking those who cannot or choose not to do either.


    1. That's true Glow and I think you should be proud! I also agree that not everyone is attacking but there are a HELL of a lot that do! I am very proud of all of my births - each of them very different. And I am very proud of my mothering (although I do have moments I am not proud of what I do) of all 4 of my children. x

  6. I agree fed is best but honestly I'd like to see better education and promotion of breastfeeding. There is so much misinformation given about the what/when/how's of breastfeeding no wonder women have such difficulty with it in the first place.

    1. You're right Jade, I think there should actually be more information provided for both sides of the picture. I think it's sad that there isn't information for people who want or need to bottle feed because the whole world wants to drum into everybody that 'breast is best'. Information of all kinds should be provided for all women as it is for natural and c/section births. x