29 January, 2011

is it worth it?

every thursday or friday night we have a babysitter that comes so husband and i can have 'date night'.

i decided that instead of getting the cleaner in every week this was a better use of our money at this point in time. as most of you would know i'm sure, it can be difficult to get to even talk as a couple with little children around let alone actually spend quality time.

i am starting to rethink.

so for example last week - husband was actually home reasonably early to 'help'. what proceeded to happen was this: husband takes work phone call and spends the next 45 mins outside on the phone. inside there was complete chaos unfolding and after edi had fallen off the change table, lachlan had peed everywhere and the spaghetti pasta had boiled dry on the stove i felt a little.... stressed.

all of this is going down whilst i am trying to also get myself ready to go out. i push on and cuddle edi until she stops screaming, change lachlan & clean up the pee, salvage the pasta from the stove, feed the kids, put edi to bed and finish getting ready. then husband walks in from his phone call and says 'ok are we nearly ready to go?' i look at him with what must look like devil eyes and say something to the effect of 'yes and no thanks to you!'

once we actually get going and have our evening it is always very nice.

but is it really worth it? i mean really, really worth it?

this week was similar in that by the time i was leaving the house i am stressed. and correct me if i am wrong but isn't part of the whole purpose of going out for dinner so you can relax, talk, enjoy each other's company and so you don't have to cook dinner? so i have to cook dinner anyway, isn't that kind of half defeating the purpose?

what are your thoughts, do you think it's worth the effort and stress?

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  1. Yes! Take it whilst you can! LOL. Says the woman still looking for the ideal babysitter situation:P