09 July, 2010

new york, new york, new york

so we haven't been away on a holiday without children since February 2006, some 4+ years ago and we only had one child then.

by some miracle next month hubby and i are off on an adventure to new york and las vegas and i have to say i am soooo EXCITED!

will i miss my kids? sure that goes without saying. will i miss only having to look after, feed, bathe & clothe myself? ahhhhh NO!

we have a whole 8 nights of child free bliss and shall i say romance....

empire state of mind (which just happens to be one of my fav songs)

concrete jungle where dreams are made of
there's nothing you can't do
now you're in new york
these streets will make you feel brand new
the lights will inspire you
let's hear it for new york, new york, new york

well i'm going and i hope i feel brand new and inspired in the concrete jungle!

1 comment:

  1. omg! how exciting! i love that song so much, after hearing it on satc2, it now sends shivers up my spine each time i hear it!

    woo! go you! ny ny ny!

    =) xx