28 June, 2010

my very first time

so here goes, my very first blog.......

i thought it would probably be most appropriate to tell you what we do at Designer Mamas, or more importantly what we offer you.. probably not the thing to do in the blogging world, but i'm yet to find all this out!

when i had my 3 children i was forced to wear one of those hideous very drab hospital gowns. i guess i could have worn whatever i liked if i didn't want an epidural but i am the first to admit i do not like pain and i knew it was going to be painful. so in my ugly gown i got but it meant the pain went away so i thought it was all good.

2 months after i had my 3rd baby, now 6 months old, i found out about the alternative, yes that's right i said ALTERNATIVE! it is the stunning and VERY fabulous B.Y.O.G. (bring your own gown) Designer Hospital Gowns.

i created Designer Mamas as i wanted pregnant women to have a chic, stylish gown to give birth in, even if i didn't! birth can really be a frightening, unknown and wonderful all at the same time and why shouldn't you look good! hey it's your baby's birthday after all!

it is now my personal goal to make you look and feel amazing and if i can make your experience just a little more special i've done a good job.
the gowns come in 6 prints and 2 sizes, so something for everyones taste.
they are available for purchase on my website http://www.designermamas.com.au/ for $129.95
i hope you love them as much as i do!


  1. I love this! Awesome job on your new blog!

  2. nice work. Sammi Borg

  3. Love this idea! First saw them on Tori Spelling on her reality tv show :)

  4. These are a great idea. I love the colours and patterns of the fabric. You have chosen prints that will photograph very well. Well done! Will be telling all my friends : )

  5. fabulous! loving the patterns and prints. Definately chic and stylish :)

    Pop by and visit our blog at

  6. Thank you all for your very lovely comments. I think I'm liking this blogging thing already! xxoo

  7. I have some questions. I like the idea of wearing something lovely rather than the ucky hospital ones. What kind of openings does your gown have? Do they have nursing openings? Do the shoulders open easily, in case like you a mom needs an emergency c-section, and they need to remove or change your gown while you are attached to the i'v's etc? Or if you have an i.v and your lovely gown gets soiled durring the birth process, and you want/need to change it. How does your gown accomodate all of these things? They do look lovely, and I love the idea of a bright, cheery gown to labor and birth in. Are the prices listed in Australian $? what is the exchange rate/equivalent price for US $. Keep up the good work.

  8. Hi Wendyrful and thanks for your questions and comments. The gowns have snap locks all the way down the back, which allows for any epidurals or similar and they also have snap locks down each shoulder to open up for nursing and/or any i.v tubes and access. Usually hospital gowns just have ties down the back and up on the shoulders which leaves a lot of skin exposed in between the ties.
    They are also 100% cotton and machine washable. I also really like the idea of keeping the gown (cleaned of course!) I gave birth in, for me I know I would pull it out of the draw every now and then and remember that very special moment.
    Yes the price is in AUD, the conversion would be approximately USD$109. When you go through the checkout on my website it will do all the conversion for you through PayPal.
    Thanks again xxoo

  9. Gorgeous gowns! Expectant mommy here - would love to do a Review/Giveaway on my blog if possible! :-)