27 July, 2010

noisy children?

this morning i had an 'interesting' thing happen. it was just as any usual morning in our house, i got lachlan up at about 6.30am, dressed him, put him in his highchair for breakfast and he was a happy little camper. i went downstairs to my office to quickly check on an order & instead of being in there for 1 minute as i had planned i was in there about 5 minutes as of course my printer had run out of paper! in this time lachlan had finished his breakfast and was calling out as he usually does 'mummy, mummy,mummy'. i grabbed a loaf of bread out of the freezer from the downstairs fridge for their lunches, headed upstairs and got him out of the hairchair.

i then proceeded as normal, making their lunches etc and i ducked to the toilet at about 7am (not sure i had to share that bit..) then i hear a knock at the door. lachlan is at the door saying 'locked, locked, locked' to the woman on the other side, of whom i had no idea who it could be at 7am knocking on my door. so i hurried and came out to open the door to a woman i had never seen before in my life.

she tells me she is my neighbour (who's house is beside ours but is accessed through a different street) and points to where her house is and tells me she has been awake since 6.30am from my son calling out 'mummy'. i've got to say i was completely gobsmacked and all i can say is 'right..'.

she tells me she has no children (she is about early 50's) and that i don't understand how much the noise carries out of our louvre windows and again how she has been awake from it since 6.30am. again i say 'right...'

she then tells me i really should close my windows on that entire side of my house to stop the noise. 'ummm ok...'

now don't get me wrong, she was not nasty, rude or aggressive but what the hell am i supposed to say to that? my son is 2, somehow i don't think he is going to understand (or care) that our neighbour doesn't like him calling out 'mummy' at 6.30am in the morning.

the other thing is my children are not actually noisy kids. if you have been to my house, as some of you have, you will know most of the time you can not even tell there are any children in the house let alone 3 of them, but at times kids are kids.

one thing i have always said through my parenting is that i refuse to apologise to anyone for my children being children. i am also quite strict on my children and if they are being naughty they know they will be in trouble. calling out 'mummy' does not constitute being naughty in my book.

what would you have done? have you ever had anything similar happen to you?



  1. Wow, how interesting!! I'm lucky that we are on a large block so the neighbours can't hear my son when he decides to chuck tantrums! I agree with not apologising for "children being children", some people just don't understand some things until they have children I guess...

  2. interesting how people think how you parent your own children is subject to their agenda
    I have a kids' cafe in Melbourne and I hear some horror stories on how mums are bullied by people re their kids - but out in public
    so ... i'd say she was hungover or angry or something and just got annoyed - or jealous ??? but make sure next time she's having a loud dinner party or argument with her partner you pop over too - and maybe offer her some very gracious support to show her you're not so petty (or not)

  3. Jasmine Gardner30 July, 2010 14:28

    I agree with you 100%, don't apologise for your child being a child!!! In my opinion.. buy some cheap ear plugs and pop them into her mail box! lmao! I wouldn't say anything to her, i'd just keep doing what i normally do if i was you, if she has a problem with it then she will just have to deal with it. I'ts not as if you're blasting loud music or anything. Kids are a part of life.

  4. Love your blog! New follower here, and I agree completely. You don't have to apologize for children being children. It is obvious she has not had any to even think that it is even possible to keep a 2 year old quiet all the time! LOL

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies, it's nice to know I'm not insane for thinking this was a pretty unreasonable request from her. And the fact is that I am in my own house! What we do in there is none of her business. x