01 September, 2011

things the books don't tell you

i started thinking about some of the things i've realised over the past 6 years, the stuff that you just don't find printed in all of those book you read about pregnancy, birth and beyond.

here's a list of a few i'd like to share:
  • you will feel guilty
  • you will cry, some sad tears, some happy
  • it's ok to cry
  • birthing any way is ok
  • having pain relief through labour is ok
  • some mothers judge and make other mothers feel bad. they are not worth your time
  • breast feeding is great
  • bottle feeding is great
  • choice is great
  • kids change your life
  • c-sections hurt - a lot
  • some things get easier, some get harder
  • drink lots of pear juice after birth - trust me!
  • the end of pregnancy is hard no matter who you are
  • breastfeeding hurts at first, even when you're doing it 'right'
  • a good photograph is all about angles
  • fed is best
  • if you've had a natural birth, you should not attempt to use a tampon for at least 6 months. when you do - it will hurt
can you relate to any of the things on the list above?


  1. This is a great list.

    I really like 'fed is best'

  2. The Little Red Hen01 September, 2011 21:02

    Well said!
    I will add:
    Trust your instinct, it is almost always right.
    Don't let health professionals assume that they know your child better than you do.
    Try to make some time for yourself-you will not only be happier but a better parent and partner if you can.

  3. hahah six months after a natural birth and I'm still terrified! And I now have to start worrying about it because VB is on solids and I'm not breastfeeding so much.

    As far as the rest of the list? I relate to them all. ALL!

  4. What a spot on list :) love it and relate to it all Nx

  5. the love you feel, the connection you make with your child... It is indescribable - nothing on this earth compares.

    No matter what each of us went through to get to where we are our stories are all equally as meaningful and are worthy of being shared with one another....