31 August, 2011


i don't like sharing.

pretty much plain and simple, i really don't like sharing anything.

i especially do not like sharing my bed, my pillow and my drinks. with anyone. obviously i do share my bed with my husband, and i am ok with that - really i am. what i don't like to do is share my bed with my children and definitely do. not. touch. my. pillow!

i guess some of this feeling is just me and some of it comes from me feeling like i share everything of me all the time. i've shared my body to grow 4 beautiful children over the past 5.5 years, i share my time, my emotion my everything all day and all night and i guess some little things i consider precious and just simply - mine.

how do you go with sharing, do you mind?


  1. Hey Nicky that is hilarious because I am EXACTLY the same...there are somethings that I think are just MINE..my side of the bed, my pillow, my time in the shower and bathroom getting ready! Hope things are going well with your expanded brood. Shelley x

  2. My shower time is what is MINE! Anything else seems to be fair game, but they don't dare interrupt my shower time! lol