01 September, 2010

gorgeous gifts

a little while ago i was advised by the lovely suzanna at mon tresor that i had won a gift. i was so surprised as i just seem to be one of those people that just never wins anything.

a few days later this amazing parcel arrived via express post filled with gorgeous things for my girls. i was really so impressed by the packaging on the outside for a minute there for forgot to open it! the presentation suzanna uses is 2nd to none and since then i have been back to purchase headbands which i simply adore.

we received a packet of funky retro striped straws, super cute flute bunny leggings, a sweet cupcake button necklace & 4 adorable hairclips.


  1. Nicole your site and your business concept is DIVINE. Congratulations to you. I came upon you via Over the Top Aprons (another site I love).

    I am always so very envious of you creative women and I am so very grateful you exist in order to balance the people like me who just can't create beautiful things like you women do <3 <3