04 August, 2010


my dear baby edi,

today you mastered the art of crawling. you have been working on it for a while but just haven't been able to co-ordinate your arms and legs until finally it came together for you today. i saw in your eyes a sparkle that said a whole new world is out there waiting for you to explore.

i am happy for you to progress to this next stage of adventure and a little bit sad for me. it shows me again just how quickly the time passes and that my babies are not babies for long.

you have 2 bottom teeth, big blue eyes, the longest, blackest eyelashes and the lock of hair you were born with on the top of your head. it's almost long enough now for me to put into a top notch ponytail that your big sister is just dying to see.

you are the most gorgeous, delightful sole that brings lots of joy, laughter and happiness to our family.

i love you very much.

mama x

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    And you have a beautiful baby!