01 February, 2012

ok yep, i'm a bad mama

just a warning before i start, this post isn't pretty.

yesterday morning i smacked miss 6 hard, like really hard on her legs. i didn't really mean to smack her that hard but sometimes you just 'connect' if you know what i mean? the night before she got into big trouble for banging on mr 3's very sore infected ear and in the morning she did it again - i lost it.

i feel bad, no correction, i feel terrible. i left her in her room afterwards then i went back in and talked to her about it. i told her i was very upset at her for touching is sore ear again and that was very mean but i told her i was sorry i smacked her so hard and that i loved her very much. we talked a little more and she cried and said sorry to mr 3.

mornings are stressful and i'm not using that as an excuse but there is no denying it. getting 4 kids up, fed, lunches made, dressed, bags packed, hair and teeth done, in the car and on the road by 8am is no easy exercise.

i try very hard not to yell, i try very hard not to smack - but sometimes i do.

i hate it and i always feel terrible. so yep i'm a bad mama.

do you ever lose it?

1 comment:

  1. 1. You are not a bad mama, you are a great mama, always.
    2. I'm glad you talked to her about it after, that's important and shows strength from you, it would have been easier to just pretend it never happened.
    3. I lose it all the time, in lots of ways for lots of reasons.