16 June, 2011

the can't wait list..

i wrote this the other night during one of my sleepless nights...

as i sit here at 1am yet again suffering from this terrible insomnia i decided i would do a list of things i simply can't wait for:
  • to sleep on my belly and/or back
  • to have a DRINK
  • to be comfortable when i sleep
  • to not need to pee several times a night
  • to be rid of insomnia
  • to not feel like i'm about to vomit out a baby
  • no more heartburn
  • no more sciatic back pain
  • a 'normal' hormone balance
  • no more painful ugly veins in my legs
i'm sure there are other symptoms/joys that aren't listed above that i will miss like a hole in the head but that's the list for now.


  1. Oh gosh thanks for reminding me of everything I have to look forward too! Good luck for your last few weeks! Kate Jordan

  2. I feel all of those things too! Just 11 weeks left..... Good luck for your birth. Have some nice hots baths for your sciatica (i have that as well!)