01 July, 2012

happy birthday beautiful girl

at exactly this time last year i was preparing to meet you.  i was nervous, anxious and very, very scared. i was worried about the pain, the recovery and the 3 other little kids i had at home.

here's the post i wrote just before i went to hospital.

 i was feeling very nervous before i was taken into the surgery

              here you come...                                                                     welcome baby girl

our first moments together

proud daddy - it never loses it's buzz                                           so precious and little - just 2880g

you were just adorable

and this is you now - such a beautiful happy little girl

happy 1st birthday mila - you have been a pure joy in our family and we love you so very much.


23 May, 2012

little bit of leopard anyone?

Introducing our newest gorgeous gown - Funky Mama

she's sexy, she's glamourous and she's super confident.  funky mama is made of 95% cotton, 5% spandex and just screams sophistication and style.  you will certainly be the best looking woman in the maternity ward with this beautiful number.

available for pre-sale today with stock due in just a couple of weeks, ensure you secure yours today!

and the best part of all, priced at just $72.95 they are sure to walk out the door!

hope you enjoy.

21 May, 2012

we've gone international

we are so super excited to announce... we've gone INTERNATIONAL!

our gorgeous range of birthing gowns are now available in Dubai at Blush and Bloom.  if you are located in UAE and are pregnant be sure you stop over to check them out as they really have some wonderful products.  you can also like them on facebook here.

and we extend a very warm welcome to Loretta and the team and we look forward to working with you.

27 April, 2012

FFS - 27th April

so i decided it was time to join in on Dear Baby G's FFS, it's not like i wouldn't have any material...

husband for some reason doesn't see the need to use a towel after a shower & makes wet footprints all over the floor - FFS

we have white porcelain tiles that you can't see wet footprints on and it makes the tiles a complete death trap - FFS

i hate when people don't get back to me.  i think i am very considerate of peoples time so i ensure i allow enough time for people to get things done and i don't often ask for things in unachievable time frames but really is getting back to me an unreasonable request - FFS

ok maybe i'm just unreasonable - FFS

i'm going away to melbourne for a trade show and i didn't think i'd have that much 'stuff' to take, i was wrong - FFS

i have to put the 3 little kids in childcare for the whole week i'm away at the trade show.  childcare for 3 kids is VERY expensive - FFS

the baby is now 10mths old and still has reflux.  no need to feel sorry for her as it doesn't bother her, only now she crawls around and vomits - FFS

the baby is now crawling - FFS

on said white porcelain tiles - FFS

i found out yesterday afternoon that the Mothers Day gift exchange for school has to be in today - FFS

Mothers Day is ages away - FFS

miss 6 has a new tuckshop at school and she is very excited about this.  i sent her off to school yesterday with her little paper lunch bags with what she was having written on them & the money inside.  there's no tuckshop on thursdays - FFS

mother of the year award to me yet again - FFS

i actually do know there isn't tuckshop on thursdays, i was just totally screwed up from the public holiday on wednesday.  who the hell has a public holiday on a wednesday - FFS

as i was going to write this i see blogger has changed (yep it's been a while since i last posted).  i don't like change - FFS

so that just about sums up my week - how was yours?

26 March, 2012

does this happen in your house....

let it be known it peeves me beyond belief that i am the only one in this household that changes this!

is it the same in your house?

20 March, 2012

we have a WINNER!

thank you to all who entered our competition to win one of our fabulous gowns!

the winner is CHERIE, congratulations Cherie!

Cherie picked the stunning Princess Mama for her grandaughter who is due to give birth in september.  we hope she just loves it Cherie and congrats again!

07 March, 2012

Giveaway time - WIN your choice of gown!

since we've just turned 2 we are feeling the love the have decided it's YOU who gets the presents!

we'd love to know which is your favourite design!

entering is simple:
1.  jump over to our website and choose your favourite
2.  go and like our facebook page here 
3.  leave a comment below on your selection and why you love it so much

please share the love around and remember they make the perfect gift idea too!

competition closes midnight 16/03/12 and winner will be selected by random org and announced on 19/03/12